It is almost December 1, which means it’s almost time for Reverb!! I am reposting Kat McNally’s blog about it, since she does a much better job than I would do. It’s a nice way to wrap up your year, and maybe you’ll even find your word for 2015 in the process!! Without further ado, here’s Kat:

How Reverb works
The month of December is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed and start to manifest your dreams for the new year. Reverb is therefore a reflective writing challenge that celebrates the successes and honours the challenges of the year that’s passing, then sows the seeds for a rich and rewarding new year.
Reverb was started by Gwen Bell, Cali Harris and friends in 2009 as a writing challenge for bloggers to consider the reverberations they sent out into the universe. They passed the challenge on to individuals to host in 2011 and a number of bloggers around the world have since taken up the baton. This makes for a pretty exciting and festive time, and it’s not unusual for bloggers to participate in multiple Reverbs at once!

How to play
There are two ways of participating in Reverb here, depending on how much you want to share. On signing up, you will receive a prompt via email each day between 1 and 21 December. A number of these prompts will have been written by guest writers, to encourage and inspire you along the journey.

You are welcome to use these prompts to guide reflections in your private journal.

OR if you would like to share your insights with the Reverb community, then all you need to do is blog your response then visit us here at katmcnally.com and pop your URL in the linky provided each day. This will give other participants the chance to read your words and/or see your images and leave words of encouragement, and vice versa. It’s a great way to share the excitement, discover new kindred spirits and entice other bloggers to visit you!
The only rules of engagement are: go gently and stay open. There’s no pressure to blog every day or share everything, and there’s no such thing as “falling behind”. December is a busy month for everyone – regardless of the holidays you observe – so even just reading the prompts and letting them marinate in the back of your mind is enough.
You are also welcome to tweet or tumblr or instagram your responses. I’ll be keeping an eye out for tweets with #reverb14 and retweeting them (so it would be a good idea to follow me on twitter @_kat_mcnally_ if you’re not already!).

To receive Reverb prompts via email, please sign up HERE.
Please note that if you subscribed to April Moon, August Moon or Reverb prior to August 2014, you will need to sign up again so that: 1 you only have to sign up once for all three writing challenges; and b) I can be sure that you are happy to receive prompts for all three. I’m just keen not to keep pestering you and/or sending you unwelcome email!
Prompts will be posted here at katmcnally.com daily, and links will also be uploaded to the Reverb prompt archive. The advantages of signing up to receive prompts via email are: 1) they’ll be delivered directly to your in-box at 6am AEST each day; 2) you’ll be eligible for the giveaway; and, 3) you’ll be the first to know about forthcoming reflective writing challenges, some of which are only available via email.

Did I mention there’s a giveaway?
How would you like to win one of two copies of Issue Two of Mabel magazine? I cannot speak highly enough about this exquisite publication (which just happens to include a feature from yours truly) and I am so excited to have this opportunity to share it with you.
All you need to do is sign up for Reverb as per the above and add the URL of your posts each day to the linky here at katmcnally.com Winners will be drawn from the names of participating bloggers — as indicated by posts each day on the linky — on Sunday 7 December at 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.
This means that the more frequently you share your posts, the greater the chance of winning! (No cheating by posting the same link more than once, though, OK?)


All kinds of riotous joy will break out at midnight, with the start of two of my favorite traditions: Art Every Day Month and NaNoJouMo. I am so excited I can hardly wait!! I’m reposting the original posts here, with links, so you can join in!!

[Leah Piken Kolidas] ” started this project over ten years ago as a challenge to myself to create some art every day for one month and post it on my blog. I was inspired by NaNoWriMo and wanted to do something similar with art, and thus Art Every Day Month (AEDM) was born. Posting art on my blog every day helped to keep me accountable and it was fun to share my creations. The following year, I invited people to join in and each year since I’ve had great groups of creative people committing themselves to more creativity for the month of November with me. I’ve met some fantabulous people through AEDM and I’m thrilled to have anyone who is interested join in!

The rules (which were made for breaking):

I keep the rules for AEDM really simple and very loose. I encourage people to make something every day, but my goal is to foster more creativity, so if you make just one piece of art per week or just one for the whole month, that’s fine with me. The idea is to bring more creativity into your life, not to make you feel overwhelmed, pressured or guilt-stricken. Art is also loosely defined here. I mean art in the sense of anything creative, whether that be painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, cooking, decorating, writing, photography, clay, jewelry-making or whatever!

Look at AEDM as a soft nudge to add more creativity to your everyday life with a bit of group support. It’s the group support that makes it so lovely I think. Every year, I meet new, wonderfully creative people through the process, which was an unexpected, but amazing benefit! Because my focus is on mixed media art, I tend to work on drawing, painting, and collage and I challenge myself complete a piece of art or do some work on a larger piece every day and post an image of what I’m working on, on my blog.

I keep a link to a list of bloggers participating this year in my sidebar, so that you can check in on what others are up to and I’ll have a Mr. Linky widget posted daily where people can leave a link to their blog posts. I’ve also created a Flickr group where people could share their creations  (it’s free and fairly easy to use.) You can join up with the flickr group and post your images there if you’d like to, although it’s not required”.

If you want to join in: follow this link and get the details  http://creativeeveryday.com/art-every-day-month



“Once again, [Dawn DeVries Sokol is] planning on starting NaNoJouMo Nov. 1 and hope you will join me every day for a new prompt throughout the month. For the last couple of years, I have focused on song titles, and since music always moves me to journal, we’re going to focus on some favorites from my personal playlist. So get those art journals ready and if you’re not familiar with NaNoJouMo, read the post that started it all:

I was just contemplating my own version of NaNoWriMo. (For those of you unfamiliar with this term, NaNoWriMo is held during the month of November, encouraging writers everywhere to write a 175-page novel by midnight, Nov. 30.) At first I thought of NaNoCroMo, where I would crochet a certain amount every day during November…I think I will try to do that, but I’m also starting NaNoJouMo, an idea borne out of a Twitter conversation between myself and Pam McClung and brought to fruition here…It stands for National Nonstop Journaling Month!

Each day during November, I will post a word to get you art journaling. A journal jump of sorts—one word a day to inspire or get you thinking. The goal is to journal SOMETHING in your art journal. DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A FULL PAGE…can be a doodle, maybe painting some backgrounds, doing some collage…just SOMETHING every day in your art journal during November. Even if it’s just moving a pencil across the page in a crooked line…

Nothing earth-shattering.

You may say, “Dawn, WHY should I do this?”

Well, I know some of us (many, let’s be honest) have a difficult time getting started. Sometimes we just need a kick in the pants to encourage us. I also want you to learn how to journal a little at a time. Art journaling is an activity that can be done in spurts. You don’t have to create an entire page or spread in one sitting. I have pages in all stages of production! And it’s OK!

So get out that handmade journal, Moleskine, notepad, composition notebook, or whatever you’re using as your art journal right now. If you have several in the works, that’s OK, too! You can pick a different one each day! Just get ready to art journal!!!!”

Go here for all of the details: http://www.dawnsokol.com/dblogala/2014/10/30/nanojoumo-starts-saturday

21 secrets :: giveaway!

Here is an awesome giveaway from Erica Simpson: 2 (TWO!!) free spots in 21 Secrets!!

{e} everyday art


i am so thrilled to be joining other beautiful artists as one of the instructors in this fall’s session of 21 secrets!

i had so much fun creating the content & am eager to share it with all the creative souls who will gather beginning october 1st.

21 secrets quote

thanks to sweet connie of dirty footprints studio, i have TWO spots in this fall’s session of 21 secrets to give away!

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I got on a roll this weekend and finished up all 61 cards. In fact, I was so enamored of the grid patterns that I was creating, I even did a bonus card. The first 2 were done with Twinkling H2Os.



Crayola metallic colored pencils.


These 3 were Prang watercolors and Micron pen.




These use only Sharpie water based paint pens. This first one actually is a LOT pinker.




Here are 2 done with SRS Metallic Colorsharp markers and @theOffice Metallic markers.



This combines the Sharpie paint pens, SRS markers and @theOffice markers.


Sharpie paint pens combined with Crayola metallic pencils.


I also have a pack of 6 Yasumoto Gel Xtreme metallic rollers.


These last 3 are all done with Sakura Gelly Rolls. The centers of the last 2 are done with pens from the Glaze collection, so they look like enamel. The very last one is my bonus card.



ICAD Bonus Card There you have, ICAD 2014 completed!!

Tammy Garcia, never being one to rest on her laurels, has 2 new things starting on Friday, August 1. Tune in to daisyyellowart.com for more on:

Art Journal Tangents & Topics: The Series

The series includes art journaling techniques, video tutorials and creative prompts all thrown up into the air and tossed up in random fashion. We’ll create art journal pages, draw patterns and ink designs. We will go on tangents and discover new tactics to apply to your journal pages.

Registration: It’s magic! No registration required.
Fee: Zero, Nothing, Nada, Zip.
Tip jar donations appreciated, button at blog ➸
When: Fridays starting August 1st

I plan to be there. How about you??

In and amongst all the carryings-on here, I did get some ICADs made. Summer of Color 4 calls for raspberry/tangerine/lemon as the color palette this last week. But first, this is another Aquarelle watercolor pencil grid.


This card was one of the meditative things I’ve made. It is also the first version for SoC4.


Here’s the second.


The last of the Sharpie Highlighter cards.


And finally, the last card for Summer of Color 4.


Of course, I noticed that I am missing a few ICADs. Back to the drawing board. Sigh. . .

My husband had surgery on his ankle ligaments in 1977, just before we married. That ankle has never been right since. Over the past couple of months, he began complaining of more and more pain, and was out of breath after short exertion. Since he has testicles, he chose to ignore my repeated suggestions that he go see a doctor. We have 100% Charity Care through one of the local hospitals; they have an Urgent Care near us. That is where he toddled off to, on Monday morning.

I got a call from him about an hour later.

“You’ll never guess what they’re doing.”

“Admitting you.”

“How’d you know?”

“Just figured.”

The hospital is the one locally identified for cardiac care. Yes, he was sent to the CCU. Sigh.

Turns out that his mom had gifted him genetically with Atrial Fibrillation (not due to a valve). Yup, that thing you’ve started seeing commercials about. So, where does that leave things?

Car left at Urgent Care, because they were sending him by ambulance. Friend of DD27’s got the keys (of course, there is only one set), got her, she got car. She who just has spine surgery 6/23.

No charger cord for his phone, which died en route. DD27 picked up the phone when she went to visit and it stayed home, charging. Which meant that most of the people who wanted to reach him, could not.

Bags of trash that began to pile up, because neither my daughter nor I can take them to the dumpster. DD24’s husband rendered true service by taking it ALL over in 2 trips.

No groceries were bought, so fast food made itself at home in our home.

Also, no cat litter. DD27 went to Pet Smart, where a person will put it in your cart and then put it in your car. Kudos to our downstairs neighbor; she brought it upstairs for us.

No cat food. Thank God I was trying to add wet food to their diet, so we were covered.

And then came D-day.

I constantly feel as though I should be present whenever a family member is discharged from the hospital. They NEVER ask all the questions they will need to have answered. For example, what do I do if I cannot afford the drugs you prescribed? What exactly are my limitations? Do you have any samples of what I’ve taken in the hospital?

As we all know, doctors will usually prescribe the newest (read most expensive) drugs. One of the drugs was over $300 a month! I called the doctor’s office and was told they had samples for him of one drug, but not the other. However, they could prescribe a generic for that one which would only be $4 a month.

Thank God for http://www.needymeds.com where I found Patient-Assistance-Programs for both drugs, and they will be free, because we qualify economically!!!

My husband turns 65 next month and will be covered by Medicare. No, we are not going to get a Part D plan. Once he retires, our income will be less than half of what he makes now.

It is so VERY important for the uninsured to know that there are ways to find help that is built into the services they use (assuming they are available). These two programs are how our family has met our medical needs for some years now.

He is home now and things are somewhat sorted out. However, the low salt/cholesterol friendly diet has yet to be fully implemented.

I know. I have fallen behind. However, my daughter has been seen by her surgeon and she is doing very well!! I have worked out a bit of my chair issue, and played in my art supplies. Soon my daughter will be arting by my side!!

I decided to start with some Koi watercolor backgrounds. I played with Sakura Gelly Roll pens, and my trusty Uni-ball #153.




(The last one was my favorite.) Then I moved on to one of my favorite things in the world, God’s magic, the Fibonacci sequence!

ICAD 32I’ve loved 1,1,2,3,5,8 since I saw it on Wishbone years ago!!

I have a set of Sharpie Liquid Highlighters. They have lovely colors, but I keep trying to color-order them. Unsuccessfully, as you can see.


Then came the Fourth of July. It was quiet here, so we feasted our eyes!


I returned to the Sharpie experiment.  My daughter suggested I simply use ROYGBIV for my layout.


She began to play music on her phone. Always a danger for me. . .


Of course, Summer of Color 4 still needed this week’s entry. The colors were definitely not my favorites: red/royal blue/light blue. I did my usual two versions. Light blue is a RoseArt marker, red and royal blue are basic Sharpie markers.



My daughter’s music played on. . .


Sanity returned with my obsession to grid my Aquarelle watercolor pencils.

ICAD 40I did keep going, but they are dated for farther along!